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Author: Kelandris


Summary: Jay wants his hair braided. Bob obliges.
Rating: Mushily G

Summary: Bob tries to talk Jay out of cutting his hair.
Sequel to "Gold"
Rating: Mushily G

Summary: Jay wants Bob to kiss him, but settles for some hair action
instead. Sequel to "Samson".
Rating: PG

Nothing To Say
Summary: Jay gets more than he bargained for when he decides to braid
Bob's hair. Sequel to "Anything".
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob gets that minty fresh feeling.
Sequel to "Anything".
Rating: NC-17


Shut Up And Kiss Me
Summary: Azrael thinks of an interesting way to get what he wants.
Pairing: Jay/Azrael
Rating: NC-17

Have Mercy
Summary: Bob entertains a late-night visitor, and has some
entertaining ideas of his own.
Sequel to "Shut Up and Kiss Me."
Pairing: Bob/Mercy
Rating: Sex, pain, and tickling part I.

Summary: Bob tickles Jay awake, and Jay makes him pay for it.
Sequel to "Have Mercy".
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob and Jay are kidnapped, and Metatron must find help to
set them free.
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob/Mercy
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jay and Bob meet Mercy again, when her past comes back to
bite her.
Sequel to the the Feather series, which includes the
first Mercy story, "Have Mercy".
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob/Mercy, Jay/Metatron
Rating: PG-13 for language, NC-17 for everything else
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

This Is Not My Fault
Pairing: Dante/Mercy
Summary: Dante meets Mercy. I know, six friggin' pages of 'Dante
meets Mercy'. I could *not* get them to *do* anything!
Rating: Somewhere between G and an R


Summary: Jay tries to figure out why Bob's mad at him.
Rating: PG-13

In Repose

Hurts To Cry
Summary: Bob finally asks about the scars.
Sidewise sequel to "Argument" and "In Repose."
Rating: PG-13

My Only Everything
Summary: Jay finds a poem. (Yes, the poem's mine. Diabetics beware.)
Rating: PG-13

Certain Rhymes
Summary: Bob pines for Jay through poetry, and discovers he's not alone.
Sequel to "My Only Everything".
Rating: PG-13


Dangerous Territory
Summary: Jay gets jealous and Bob can't figure out why. Hijinks ensue.
Rating: PG-13 for language; NC-17 for sex, hints of rape, non-
consensual physical stuph.
Warnings: Het sex. Het sex with Bob involved. Scary non-
consensual moments with Jay and Bob. Fisting scene.

Dangerous Intentions
Summary: What Bob and Jay talk about, after the scene in the alley.
Sequel to "Dangerous Territory".
Rating: NC-17

Ten Minutes Over The Line
Summary: Ten minutes after the alcohol removes all control, Bob gets
to find out what happens when he opens his mouth.
Sequel to "Dangerous Intentions".
Rating: R

Somewhat Damaged

Summary: Jay thinks about the fight that happened, and decides to stop thinking.
Sequel to "Ten Minutes Over The Line."
Rating: R for language, NC-17 in spots for drug refererences, violence and sex.

Summary: Bob gets to star in the Jersey version of The English Patient.
Sequel to "Somewhat Damaged".
Rating: R

Even After Everything
Summary: Jay gets high and has an epiphany. No, not an overdose, an *epiphany*.
Sequels everything in the "Dangerous Territory" downline.
Rating: R for language, NC-17 in spots for sex.


Summary: Bob breaks up with Jay.
Rating: R

Barely Breathing
Summary: Bob gets what he wants after the breakup. Sort of.
Sequel to "Silent".
Rating: NC-17

Broken Promises
Summary: Bob goes away for a bit after the return from Hollywood.
Sequel to "Barely Breathing".
Rating: R

Summary: Bob needs answers, and for some reason, Holden McNeil springs to mind.
Sequel to "Broken Promises".
Rating: R

Too Late
Summary: Aftermath of a night of bad badness. Bob returns from
Holden's digs with a few new realizations in his brain, then gets
them wrong anyway.
Sequel to "Defeat".
Rating: R


Out of The Rain
Summary: How Bob met Jay.
Rating: R

Can't Afford To Pay The Rent
Summary: Jay tries to figure out what Bob wants in a roommate.
Sequel to "Out of the Rain".
Rating: N/A

Summary: Bob plays the memory game.
Sequel to "Can't Afford To Pay The Rent".
Rating: R

Pleasure of Your Company
Summary: Bob tries to get through to Jay, the only way he knows how.
Sequel to "Inhabited".
Rating: NC-17

Hell To Pay
Summary: Bob gives up and tries to work things out with Trin
while Jay tags along for the ride.
Sequel to "Pleasure of Your Company".
Rating: NC-17

Another Cross To Bear
Summary: Bob and Jay go see Bob's sister Anya.
Sequel to "Hell To Pay".
Rating: NC-17

Going To Golgotha
Summary: Bob returns to the old homestead...more or less. The grand
plan is to try and save Tony, who I guarantee you, won't appreciate it.
Sequel to "Another Cross To Bear".
Rating: R

Trilogies & Two-Parters

River "Trilogy"
Not Just A River In Egypt
Rating: PG-13

Still Not A River
Summary: Jay decides to prove to Bob once and for all that he's not gay.
Rating: NC-17

River Wide
Summary: Bob needs some time alone so he can figure out how to handle Jay.
Rating: NC-17

Crossing The River
Rating: PG-13


Fever "Trilogy"
Summary: Jay has a cold, and Bob tries to make him feel better. Or
Jay tries to make Bob feel better. Not sure which. :>

Jersey Boy
Summary: Strange things happen when Jay gets sick, part II.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jay figures out what's wrong with Bob, and gets the totally
wrong idea on how to fix it.
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Jay and Bob try to deal with the fallout from earlier admissions.
Rating: NC-17


Everything Trilogy
Everything Is Never Enough
Summary: Jay wakes up with a typical problem.

Never Everything
Jay wakes up with the typical problem--AGAIN.

Everything and Ever, Amen
Summary: Jay wakes up with the typical problem--he thinks.
Rating: NC-17


Light At The End
Summary: Jay has a *very* bad trip, and Bob calls Mercy in to help.
Sequel to Ren's "Tunnel Vision".
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob/Mercy
Rating: PG-13

Tunneling Under
Summary: The morning after, Mercy-style.
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.


Fool "Trilogy"
Fool In Motley
Summary: Jay decides to mess with Bob at a RenFaire, and the plan backfires alarmingly.
Rating: PG-13

Fool In Denim
Summary: Jay tries to figure out why Bob could possibly love him, since he's straight.
Sequel to "Fool In Motley"
Rating: PG-13

Fool In Leather
Summary: Jay wakes up and it's so much worse that before.
Sequel to "Fool In Denim"
Rating: NC-17

Fool The Morning After
Summary: Jay wakes up with a hangover. And if he thought last night was bad...
Sequel to "Fool In Leather".
Rating: PG-13


Seeds of the Pomegranate
Summary: Bob helps a girl by going undercover in a goth club.
Rating: NC-17 towards the end, PG-13 throughout most of it
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Blond Hair and Eyeliner
Summary: Fluff. Fluffy fluffy fluff.
Sequel to "Seeds of the Pomegranate".
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content. R for language.

Summary: Bob helps Avriel out by agreeing to something really strange.
Sequel to "Blond Hair and Eyeliner".
Rating: PG-13


Razors, Ribbons, and Silk
Summary: What happens when Bob gets jealous.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: The night after the evening before.
Sequel to "Razors".
Rating: NC-17

The Sharp Edge In The Silk

Summary: N/A
Sequel to "Ribbons".
Rating: R


Missing Pieces
Bob finally figures out what's been bugging Jay recently.
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Bob plays with Jay's head.
Sequel to "Missing Pieces".
Rating: NC-17


Jay Baby
Summary: Bob gets angry at Jay. Gee, like that's new.
Rating: PG-13

Resign and Conquer
Summary: Aftermath of Girls Gone Wild. No, wait, that's a tape series. What happened later that morning. No, that's pretty vague. Bob laughs at Jay for good reason. No, that's just silly.
Uh, I guess this one won't summarize.
Pairing: Jay/Julie/Jenni
Sequel to "Jay Baby"
Rating: NC-17



Slow Dance
Summary: Bob gets some when Jay gets stoned.
Rating: NC-17

Still The Boy Danced

Summary: Bob draws the wrong conclusion, the morning after the night before.
Sequel to "Slow Dance".
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob tries to purge Jay of the drug of the moment.
Rating: NC-17

Too Much Of A Good Thing
Summary: Bob's still trying to reset Jay (without rupturing something in the process).
Sequel to "Addict".
Rating: NC-17

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ br> Trophies and Hammers
Trophy Boy
Summary: Summary: The long search of Jay's life culminates in finding Bob.
With ick and ew and oh-my-god along the way.
Rating: R

Hammer Thrown
Summary: Jay has fun bouncing off padded walls. This is, of course,
the definition of fun most people don't survive.
Sequel to "Trophy Boy".
Rating: R


Summary: Bob dreams of Jay naked. And then figures out why.
Rating: NC-17

Break of Day
Summary: Jay deals with the aftermath of Bob on drugs.
Sequel to "Swallowed".
Rating: R


Summary: Sometimes, love means nothing, as Bob finds out.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sometimes, love (still) means nothing, as Bob finds out.
Sequel to "Liar".
Rating: R


Summary: Jay beats himself up for loving Bob.
Rating: N/A

Moments Wasted
Summary: Jay wants something very badly, and wonders if he can have it.
Sequel to "Why?"
Rating: NC-17


Summary: Jay kisses Bob. Bob freaks. Jay freaks. Jay takes off running.
Rating: R shading--only by context--to NC-17

Running To
Summary: Jay kisses Bob. Bob kisses Jay back.
Rating: NC-17


Flannel Jay
Summary: Jay wears flannel. Bob catches a clue. Boyfun with known characters.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jay tries to surprise Bob by a fully decorated his own inimicable style.
Sequel to "Portrait".
Rating: NC-17


What Would Happen?
Summary: Bob runs through his head what could happen, if he gave in
to his desire for Jay.
Rating: Mushy G

Shall We Dance?
Summary: Bob finds a friend to alleviate some boredom.
Pairing: Silent Bob/Holden
Rating: NC-17

Falling In Love
Summary: Jay's past catches up with him, in a really scary way.
Rating: Sex, pain, and angst, the big three.

Gin-Soaked Boy
Summary: Jay needs to decide some things, and Bob helps him put it
all in perspective.
Rating: PG

I Carry Your Heart
Summary: Bob reflects on his life with Jay
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Bob gets an unexpected visit from Jay.
Rating: NC-17

Midsummer's Night
Summary: Jay and Bob are in a show!
Rating: PG

Summary: Jay and Bob help out in Santa's Village.
Rating: PG/PG-13

If Ever I Would Leave You
Summary: Bob debates leaving Jay.
Rating: PG for language

Summary: Bob comes home to find Jay.uh, dancing.
Rating: PG-13 for language, NC-17 (full frontal nakedidity)

Poppies Poppies Poppies!
Summary: Jay and Bob go to Oz. No, really.
PG for language, NC-17 for sex, unrated for art house

Nervous In Your Own Jeans
Summary: Jay tries to escape Bob's memory, and damn if that boy
isn't good at tracking his ass down.
Rating: PG-13

Demon Slaying
Summary: Bob thinks Jay needs to lose a certain idea. But Jay has ideas of his own.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Frenzied little smutfest, no redeeming value whatsoever.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob reflects on the abnormality of the common mall.
Rating: NC-17
Part 1 Part 2

The Only Time
Summary: Bob discovers alcohol impairs judgement. :>
Rating: NC-17

Summary: See Jay and Bob. See Jay and Bob go to a club. See Jay
meet a girl. See hijinks ensue.
Rating: R

When Muses Attack
Summary: What happens when Kel has a headache and takes rum, not
ibuprofen, for the pain
Rating: PG-13 for language

Breaking Pattern
Summary: Jay asks Bob to help with an unusual problem.
Rating: NC-17

Crazy In Spiked Heels

Summary: Jay in fishnets and Bob in leather... What, you wanted that reversed?
Rating: NC-17

Favor Won
Summary: Bob is suspicious when Jay won't tell him what's going on.
Rating: NC-17 *only* by 2.5 millimeters Other than that, it's strictly R territory.

Summary: Jay gets dressed to impress.
Sequel to Goblinbrodie's "Don't Dream It".
Rating: R

Summary: Jay practices the fine art of forgetting.
Rating: PG

Summary: Bob has scary dreams.
Rating: R

Sky Fell Down
Summary: Bob and Jay have some harmless morning fun before
a call ruins their day completely.
Rating: NC-17

Waiting On Sundays
Summary: What Jay and Bob do on weekends.
Rating: R

Wear It So Well
Summary: Bob watches Jay. No, I'm serious. Really thin plot.
Rating: PG-13

Addicted To Bob
Summary: Jay's in love, and he's not dealing well with what that means.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Purely plotless.
Rating: N/A

Changes Everything
Summary: Bob gets all worked up over head stuph. No, really.
Rating: R

Summary: Bob finds himself with a lapful of Jay at a party,
and wonders what to do with him.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob looks in on Jay at the wrong time. Or the right one.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jay wants to dance. Bob obliges.
Rating: R

Fire Burn
Summary: Jay leaves home in an incendiary fashion.
Rating: R

Gag Order
Summary: Bob fights with Jay, and Jay comes up with a
really innovative way to end the argument.
Rating: NC-17

If I Did Not Love Thee
Summary: Bob contemplates the reality of loving Jay.
Rating: R

Jay Humbug
Summary: Jay wishes he'd never slept with Bob.
Rating: R to NC-17
Part 1 Part 2

Jersey Boys
Summary: Jay discovers a piece of his past and wonders where the rest of it's got to.
Pairing: Jay/Jamie (implied), Bob/Austin (implied)
Rating: R

Luck O' The Bob
Summary: Jay wonders about Bob. Okay, that's vague. Jay wonders
why Bob took him to an Irish bar. Maybe that's vague too. Jay has a
problem drinking green beer. Oh, who doesn't? :>
Rating: R

Paris Chick
Summary: Jay gets frustrated with a porn film, and unexpected things happen.
Rating: NC-17

Parting Is Such Sweet
Summary: How Bob and Jay meet, version 687.
A mirrored version of the story "Out of the Rain".
Different Bob, same Jay (kind of).
Rating: R

Pretzel Logic

Summary: Silent Bob watches Jay do Yoga.
Rating: PG

Summary: Jay dyes his hair and Bob has lusty wrong feelings.
Rating: NC-17

Rave On
Summary: Jay goes to a rave and gets a dose of something he doesn't expect.
Rating: NC-17

Roommate Out of Joint
Summary: Jay introduces Bob to the wonderful world of pot.
Rating: R

Sex With You
Summary: Jay asks Bob what he wants.
Rating: NC-17

Shadow & Light
Summary: Bob thinks on Jay and remembers. Yes, it's that flippin' vague.
Rating: N/A

Song of Justice
Summary: Bob wishes he knew the right words to say to Jay. Not for the first time.
Pairings: Some mention of Jay/Justice, some mention of Banky/Hooper.
Rating: N/A

Sweet Dreams
Summary: Jay has bad dreams and needs some help to shake them off.
Rating: XXX

Whole New Thing
Summary: Jay searches for a distraction from the storm.
Rating: NC-17

Dancin' Fool
Summary: Jay gets jealous. Bob dances. Strike that, reverse it--
Bob dances, *then* Jay gets jealous. Many people have less fun than
they should, and two people have more fun than is legal in most states.
Rating: NC-17

So This Is Christmas

Summary: Jay and Bob, a Christmas story. It's really that simple.
Rating: PG-13

Columbia's Fall
Summary: Bob thinks he's going out alone tonight.
Response to the 3rd anniversary challenge.
Rating: PG?

Told Myself I Was Going To
Summary: Jay wonders about the heavy shit.
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Jay gets bit. Long story short.
Remix of ren's Full Moon.
Rating: R

Summary: Jay figures it out.
Rating: G

Summary: Jay and Bob decide to have an alphabetic drunk, at Randal's suggestion.
Rating: R

Summary: Storm season upsets a lot of the rules of roommate cohabitation.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Bob gets a surprise in bed. No, not that kind of surprise, sadly.
Rating: Smushily G

Dark Night
Summary: Bob and Jay get stoned, and interesting new things happen.
Rating: NC-17

Summary: A kissing story for Christmas.
Rating: PG-13

The Number of the Beast
Summary: Jay goes a little nuts, Bob gets a tad confused.
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Jay asks for something new, and Bob tries to comply.
Rating: NC-17

Welcome Home
Summary: Bob comes home.
Rating: Heavy R

Summary: Jay needs something from Bob, and Bob tries to figure out what.
Rating: NC-17