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This site has two functions: one part fanfiction archive, one part whatever I want it to be - but all focused on the View Askewniverse - largely before 2007.
Half for the old-web factor, half because I consider the "core" Askewniverse to be Clerks 3 & back - despite only seeing a couple of the more current Jay & Silent Bob movies. (Leave me alone, alright! I'm set in my ways. You'll live.)

I'm not sure what sections I'll be adding or working on, but mostly I'm just having fun & archiving a lot of old stuff I've had saved in hard drives over the years.

Lemme put my Webmaster Voiceâ„¢ on....anyways.
This site is maintained by me, Kitty - a 27yr old East Coast weirdo. I've been watching Kevin Smith movies since I was little (like, why would anyone show a preschooler Dogma?) & the Askewniverse has been a major special interest of mine from middle school on. (Like, I don't watch a lot of movies - but I can & will leave a Mallrats tape in my VCR for 6mos.) I make art for a living, have taken more than one cringey photo in front of the QuickStop, & talk about as much as you'd expect most Geminis to.

I used to cosplay Jay & Silent Bob with my highschool best friend, and would do things like run in-character cosplay ask blogs & RP blogs on Tumblr to try and recreate the fun I had on Livejournal circa 2007 - this is another outlet for that. I've been reading fanfiction since 2005-2006, still collect VHS tapes, and still make a lot of silly Jay & Silent Bob stuff for myself. A lot of this sites content revolves around Jay & Silent Bob - (as it should...) and even more of it around LGBT headcanons & fan content about that because I think it's fun.

For what it's worth, I joke that Kevin Smiths characters played a huge role in me coming out - but it's not really a joke. So, instead of talking at length to friends about making movies they don't care about gayer than they already are, I figured it'd be fun to do that here - because if I'm being real a lot of more...current fanspaces stress me out.